Burial Vaults Rossendale

We are able to offer a full burial vault service to local authorities or private customers.

We specialise in brick and concrete block built vaults, in addition to this we can build vaults to any specification.

Also we can open large vaults or vaults that may have a large memorial over them, or repair and rebuild damaged or collapsed vaults.

Burial Chambers for Below Ground Interment

The Single Chamber

The Double Chamber

The Chamber Anchoring System

A Unique System

The unique anchoring system avoids any issues with chamber buoyancy and is adaptable to suit all ground conditions g and the anchoring system is quick and easy to install.

Installation and Maintenance

Tailor made installation packages available Self install to a fully fitted service. Optional maintenance packages available.

Waterproof Covers

A protective cover designed to prevent water egress. The cover keeps the lids clean and presentable until final interment. Available in a range of colours. Can be personalised for clients.

Benefits of Chambers

  • New design accepts 36 inch coffins
  • Waterproof concrete for dry chambers
  • Easy to Lift and install
  • High quality reinforced concrete construction
  • Manufactured to LACO regs
  • Built in anchoring system
  • Easy to Self install
  • Triple coffin rests for added circulation
  • Interlocking lid design for anti-moisture ingress
  • Tested to carry vertical load for safe access
  • Low maintenance design
  • Internal ridge shelf with extension rings
  • Safe and fast burial
  • Excellent yields for burial authorities
  • Waterproof heavy duty protection sheaths

Certified and Tested

  • Manufactured using BS EN197-1 Cem 1 concrete
  • Reinforced with steel and fibre
  • Concrete is cube tested by Testcrete
  • Chambers have been tested for vertical load

If you wish to discuss any of your requirements with no obligation please call in to see us, or you can telephone us on 0161 764 4391