Gravestones Rochdale Cemetery

Everlasting Memorials in Granite, Marble and Stone.

Whatever your requirements we can provide a memorial that reflects the life of a loved one and how you remember them.

For centuries, the timeless beauty of certain types of stone has made the esteemed choice for commemorating and marking the last resting place of those departed from this life.

Today, we can offer you traditional Books/Scrolls that include: white marble from the mountains of Carrara in Northern Italy, black and grey granite from many corners of the earth, and beautiful natural slate or stone from nearer to home.

Through the passing years, memorial patterns have changed although you will always find many traditional features retained in the modern designs. Through this site, we hope to show you a range of well-proportioned, simple designs. We hope it will help you choose the memorial to perpetuate your precious memories.

All our memorials can be made in any material, the size, shape and colour can be adjusted to suit your needs. We also specialise in personalised hand drawn, carved, etched and painted designs by our own craftsmen.

We are a family run business, with a caring attitude to all our clients, established since 1857. All our Monumental Masons are fully trained and are registered members of the BRAMM [British Register of Accredited Monumental Masons], and all hold the appropriate BRAMM Fixers Licence, without which it is against the law to erect or renovate memorials.